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JayzTwoCents has become a well-known name on YouTube simply because has carved a niche for himself in Vlogging about trendy tech topics. A lot of YouTube users have found his channel interesting and educative and this has earned him close to two million subscribers. The YouTube star joined the video-sharing platform on August 26, 2012, and as at the start of the year 2019, his channel had gained a total of 1.9 million subscribers. In addition to talking about tech, he also does comedic vlogging about gaming. His most popular quote is “gotta make time for gaming!”

JayzTwoCents is not just active on YouTube, he is also found on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. His presence is also felt on Twitch TV. Learn more about the social media sensation below.

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Eddie Alvarez is a mixed martial artist and an American wrestler who hails from a family of fighters. He currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the lightweight category and is the only fighter to have won championships in two major promotions – Bellator MMA and UFC.

He is also the first Philadelphian to win a UFC championship and has fought in the ProElite’s EliteXC and DREAM promotion. His wrestling record currently stands at 29 wins and 6 losses, having wrestled in a total of 36 matches (his first match against Dustin Poirier was ruled a “No Contest”). Keep reading to learn more facts about the Underground King.

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This modern generation has witnessed the emergence of amazing technologies and a series of quite interesting social changes. The various social media platforms gracing the internet has contributed a lot to these changes. YouTube, as one of these platforms, has proved to be not just for entertainment but also an enterprising one for the likes of Simmi Singh.

Currently, the YouTube personality has amassed hundreds of subscribers to her channel and in addition to her online career, Simmi is an actress, a martial artist, as well as a dancer.

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Kade Speiser is a talented American Videographer, Photographer, and social media personality whose works can be seen across his various social media accounts. He is also noted as the head of content creation at the start-up TeamDom.

Beyond the foregoing, there are a good number of other things that are worth knowing about Kade which you are going to learn all about here, come with us…

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The world would never forget the name Fidel Castro, the Cuban Prime Minister/dictator who ruled for almost 50 years. However one of the highly secretive issues in his life was his dalliance with Dalia Soto Del Valle. This Cuban lady who bore 5 sons for Fidel was not known for decades as he completely shut her out of the prying eyes of the public.

It was later known that Dalia met Fidel Castro through her passion for teaching when he was on a literacy campaign in Cienfuegos sometime in 1960. As the story goes, Fidel picked interest in the young teacher as soon as he met her and within a short while, they became secret lovers before settling for marriage in 1980.

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Pierre Omidyar is an economist and business tycoon who is famous for his role in founding the internet bidding site, eBay. He is also the current chairman of the company and part of the board of directors of ePeople. Before establishing the commercial site, Omidyar worked with firms like Apple Inc. and helped with the development of Macintosh technology. Unlike most successful business magnates, he never envisioned the career path that brought him to fortune. At first, eBay was just a side hobby and then success happened. Read on to learn how it went came to what it is today.

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Just like fellow tech billionaire entrepreneurs, Ireland Boys, Larry Ellison is a university dropout who went on to make a fortune through his company, Oracle Corporation, with a focus in the development and marketing of database software and technology.

The Oracle Corporation chairman and chief technology officer also serve as a non-executive director of Tesla Inc. Join us as we take a look at the life of the man who as of June 2018, according to Forbes, is the tenth-wealthiest person in the world.

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